Welcome fans, visitors and Team Members

The Epic United U12 Boys Soccer Team is gearing up to begin its Spring Season. Outdoor training is here. We are looking forward to a great season.

To our fans and visitors

First, we thank you for visiting us. I would like to take the time to share with you a little bit about our program and team.

Our team program is designed to challenge, inspire and motivate our rising U13 players to engage with the core skills of soccer, and to help all our young players realize their sporting potential in an enjoyable atmosphere. We strongly advocate the need to understand and advance the maturity of young players through the development of age-appropriate curricula which is designed to ensure that all players receive a high level of coaching in the technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological dimensions of soccer (Futbol).

We strive to implement and encourage the players to train, discover their natural creativity and individual flair to flourish in conjunction with an understanding of the importance of teamwork, spirit and fair play. Understanding that soccer is a game that is meant to be played with a smile, we are committed to ensuring that each of our participants emerge from the experience with positive memories, new friends and a wealth of newly acquired soccer skills.

The team Parents and training staff have set a main goal for this season and it is not winning. But, to look at the big picture which is to develop strong, talented and confident soccer players. We believe that by continuing to foster the core skills of the game the players will continue to grow and enjoy this beautiful game. Our players have enjoyed much success and are getting closer to reaching a new level of play. They have met all challenges with the determination to succeed, to overcome them as a team, and they know that a great 2013 spring season it’s ahead.

The team is formed of 12 extraordinary players. The best talent at this age around this area and we are all very proud of them.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you will stop from time to time to check on what the Epic United Players are doing.

Yours in Soccer,

Juan C. Saenz

Spring 2014

Please visit the pages under the 'Spring 2014' menu for information on training, games, and the West Virginia State Cup.

Sat, Apr 05 MSSC EPIC United 1:00 PM Trace Fork, Charleston, WV 0-13
Sat, Apr 05 EPIC United WV Chaos 01 5:40 PM Trace Fork, Charleston, WV 12-1
Sun, Apr 06 EPIC United FC Wheeling 10:20 AM Trace Fork, Charleston, WV 2-0
Sun, Apr 06 EPIC United Fury 2:10 PM Trace Fork, Charleston, WV 0-4
Sun, Apr 13 SMU Rampage EPIC United 2:00 PM Chancellors Run Reg Park #1  
Sun, Apr 27 DCST Red Metros 01 EPIC United 9:00 AM Jelleff Recreation Center SS #1  
Sat, May 03 EPIC United DSC Alliance Argonauts 10:30 AM South Jefferson Park Field #1  
Sun, May 04 EPIC United HERN Gunners 10:30 AM South Jefferson Park Field #1  
Sat, May 10 EPIC United LAUR Lions 3:00 PM South Jefferson Park Field #1  
Sun, May 11 TSC FC Bayern EPIC United 4:30 PM Huntington Park Field A  
Sun, May 18 EPIC United WSC Real Rockville 10:30 AM South Jefferson Park Field #1  
Sun, Jun 01 BFC Barca '01 Elite (MD) EPIC United 11:30 AM Franconia Park #3 (grass field)  
Sun, Jun 08 CUGI Calciomania 01 EPIC United 2:30 PM Baron Cameron Park #5